Ask The Expert:

If you are thinking of embarking on a building project and are unsure where to start, our “Ask The Expert” consultation can some of the answers. Follow the link, below, to book a consultation with our Principal, Brad Hubbell. Brad has over 25 years of architectural experience in the Bay Area. As a company, we have extensive experience in providing new-builds, major remodels and additions throughout Marin, Napa, and Sonoma Counties. We aim to provide insight for your design questions and problems.

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Project Feasibility Report:

As you are in the early stages of planning your project, gaining knowledge about the parameters, restrictions and options surrounding your project is paramount before delving into the design. Understanding these parameters early forms the base for any successful building project. Working through the Project Feasibility Report helps shed light on the process and eliminate doubt or work about your desired direction, timeframe and budget.

Click the link, bellow, to watch an explanatory video about how our Project Feasibility Report can assist you and provide the next steps to realizing your project:

Project Planning Pack:

Understanding what you want to achieve is one thing. Knowing the necessary steps to take and people who can make the process smooth is another thing. Our comprehensive Project Planning Pack describes the steps to take and how to navigate each stage of the project. Within the pack we outline how we work with our clients, creating working relationships with known professionals (consultants, contractors, landscape architects and interior designers) to create the perfect project, all managed by HDA. Included is a list of professionals we frequently team up with. A cost estimator is also within the pack to aid clients at the early stages get a view of a rough estimate of what their project may cost. Knowledge is power, and the best time to gain this knowledge is at the very start of your project so there aren’t big surprises during the process.

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