Hubbell Daily Architecture + Design is a Marin based architecture firm lead by the husband and wife team of Brad Hubbell and Suzanne Daily.

Site Meeting

The initial phase of all our projects is a site meeting with our clients. Great projects result from listening to our clients and responding to specific characteristics of each site. From there, we take building measurements, prepare existing conditions drawings and perform a code research to fully understand the site constraints.

Design Phase

The design phase follows. In this phase, we work closely with our clients, matching their inspirational images and wish lists with our design responses. We then present the client with design options to review together facilitating further conversations and refining the design collaboratively. Once a design direction is determined, we recommend meeting with a contractor to perform a preliminary budget: a process whereby we gain a high/low initial valuation to make sure the project is in keeping with the client’s timing and budget. From here, we can make adjustments to the project without having invested too much time and money up to this point. The client has the option of choosing and hiring a general contractor at this time for Pre-Construction services. Having the contractor as part of the team early in the process can help to make the project more efficient later.

Planning Documents and Planning Review

Once a final design is determined, we then move into creating Planning documents for larger projects. Depending on the jurisdiction, the Planning process can be lengthy or streamlined. We represent our clients through the Planning review process and in any design review hearings.

Construction Documents

With smaller projects that don’t need Planning Design Review, or once Design Review is complete, we begin creating the Construction Documents: a two-part process. First we create the Permit set and submit the project to the local jurisdiction. While under review, we continue into the second part of creating a Building set with greater details and the specification of finishes and appliances. At this point, projects either go to several contractors for them to bid or the contractor who was hired for Pre-Construction Services finalizes their pricing.


With the permit ready for issuance and a contractor selected, we move into Construction Administration. During this phase we perform regular site visits to ensure that the project is moving smoothly, the contractor’s questions are answered in a timely manner and any site developments are responded to quickly. An additional important element is the review of shop drawings and any change-orders making sure that the project keeps to the original design intent.