Work with Brad and you will get his personal attention. He has got great design, knowledge, experience and skills. He is trustworthy and honestly cares. Everything you think you are going to get, you are going to get it.

Steve Rempe, Contractor

If you are the type of client who wants to know options, go with HDA. Suzanne and Brad helped with every decision we made. They were a great fit for us.

Claire B., Client

Brad and Suzanne are especially good at looking at a space and deciding what needs to go where. Like in that drawer, where to find storage, etc.

Claire, Client

Brad was incredibly easy to work with. He is a great listener.

Betsy, Client

With HDA, you will be in extremely good hands and well taken care of. Brad will keep you involved, attend to your needs. As a client, be open with him what you have to spend. He is extremely dedicated to his profession. You will get 100% of his attention and he takes care of contractors too. You can completely trust him. He will take care of you. He has his clients’ interests in mind. Making money is not the most important to him. His efficiency is beyond most.

Jim, Contractor

The strong suits are extreme attention to detail and being highly efficient. As a contractor, that is really important to me. Unknowns are hard for me. That is not a problem with Brad. He is always willing to give more of what clients want vs. what he wants

Jim, Contractor

With HDA, you are going to get the level of knowledge and detail in your drawings as you would with a larger high-end firm. I have worked with many architects, and when it comes to the technician aspect, he is one of the top. Brad is highly trained, motivated and compassionate, all of which translate into value for the client.

Jeff Wilcox, Glass Concepts

Brad is very collaborative; it is almost like going back in time. He stays out of politics, is very articulate and extremely talented. It was a joy to work with him. He kept things fun.

Jack Lowry, Contractor for major home remodel

It’s hard to blend dissimilar materials from different styles, but Brad did that on this one particular project. In fact, I have kept some of his original sketches because they are so special.

Jack Lowry, Contractor

Once we were into construction, Brad was always there to help advise and worked nicely with our designer. Brad was absolutely rock solid. Now that we have done a remodel in another city, I appreciate him even more than I did when my project was finished.

Betsy, Client